Monday, October 21, 2013

Catch Up

So, as you can probably tell, I have been a big slacker on the blogging lately! Let's get caught up...

Since the last time I posted we have had quite a few things going on in our little family. For starters, Aspen started first grade! I can't believe how grown up she is! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Hilton. I actually went to high school with her and Aspen just loves her! She wasn't so sure at the start of the year that she could love another teacher like she did Mrs. Davis (her kindergarten teacher) but she has grown quite fond of Mrs. Hilton.

Aspen's T-ball team

We had a lot of fun together over the summer spending time outside and going swimming and camping. Hopefully we can get more camping in as the kids get older. There are a lot of pictures to share this time so I am going to talk about them first and then I'll show them to you. I will keep some of my sanity that way with this post.. ha! Next month I'll be back to my normal format. In September I started a new job working in a salon. I absolutely love it! I love the salon, the people I get to work with, my boss, my hours, my clients, and I LOVE doing hair again! I am still in the process of trying to build up my clientele so I can make the money I need to in order to not have to do daycare anymore (**fingers crossed it happens fast!!**).

We also got a new puppy. His name is Rucker and he is a Douge de Bourdeaux (French Mastiff). The kids love him, especially Chett! Sometimes they get a little tired of him because he is very much a puppy and likes to chew on anything and everything he can. He is the cutest little puppy ever and is growing SO FAST!!

My parents came to visit MO for a few days and the kids absolutely loved it! They had so much fun and did not want grandma and grandpa to go back to Wyoming! One night while they were here all the grandkids went to the hotel to swim and have a sleepover. Grandpa ordered pizza and Chett decided to help himself to a HUGE piece! He is such a funny little boy! Now the pictures:

We went to the library one day and they had these fun little posters all over the place for the kids to put their faces in. We thought they were hilarious!

We found baby bunnies in our backyard.

Aspen getting home from school one day. She is so big!

Aspen was hiding from us one day after school. We couldn't find her for the longest time. I guess she got tired while hiding and fell asleep. Ha Ha!! Mom stinks at hide and seek!

At the lake with the family!

All three tuckered right out! 

At the Drive-In

At Jolly Mill one day. The water was SO COLD!! But it felt so good!

Ha Ha! Wet head!

Fake kitties at the store next to Lambert's. First time the kids had ever been. They thought it was the coolest thing ever for them to throw rolls!

Chett and Rucker's favorite place to play.

Riding the brrrooom brrrooom with daddy!

Fun at the park!

He loves his puppy! He gives him kisses all the time!

Bat baby!!!

Chett is all BOY!! He loves anything that makes noise and anything bigger than him! This tractor caught his attention for a good solid 10 minutes!

Rucker wanted in the bathtub with his buddy!

Stole grandpa's pizza at the hotel. Nom nom nom so good.

Mommy's little helper with the laundry.

Ha ha! Thought it was funny!


More kisses!!

They love their puppy!

Ha ha! Funny dog!

Pretty eyes!

This used to be "his spot". Now he can't fit between the couch and the coffee table. 

He's concentrating so hard he's sticking his tongue out.

Snuggles with daddy.

Sleepy boy


He loves his baths!!

Birthday boy!

Hadley at the library.

She's "pregnant"!

Holding the baby bunny.